Monday, October 17, 2011

2011 NC State Fair Cake Decorating Competition

As a cake decorator, in almost all things really, I'm a perfectionist... even better... a competitive perfectionist.  So, needless to say the amount of stress that went into deciding what to do for this year's state fair cake entry was over whelming! 

After coming in first last year in the Non-Professional Novelty cake category with this little gem...

I knew this year had to be even better.  But I asked myself over and over, how in the world do I top that?!

This year also had the stipulation that I had to enter as a Professional since I have been teaching cake decorating classes.

The past couple of years I have watched what cake got the coveted "Best in Show" and tried to figure out what made it "Best" in show.

I narrowed that down to two things - a wedding cake and lots of flowers.

So I decided to enter the Wedding cake category.

After changing ideas and working mornings, evenings, & weekends I came up with...

40 red sugar roses

hand painted gold accents

sugar diamonds

scroll work around all four bottom tiers

 I am pleased to say for my first year in the Professional category, I came in 2nd place!

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