Monday, March 28, 2011

This was no KRABBY birthday!

I had the pleasure of creating a birthday cake for a wonderful little boy named Elijah!

He wanted a cake of the one & only...


This cake was so much fun to make!

 Elijah was all about eating that nose!  Can you blame him???

I decided SpongeBob was not complete without a birthday hat to fit the occasion!


Does SpongeBob go anywhere without having a krabby patty??

SpongeBob could not make it to the party without a present for Elijah!

Elijah's mom had this to say...

OMG.....the cake was unbelieveable!!!!!! It was soooo GOOD and everyone LOVED it! People came in and was like "oh nice centerpiece" and we were like is a was the main topic ALL DAY!!! I am soooo pleased and Elijah loved it. We are saving the nose to eat later...he didnt want to eat it while everyone was around yesterday. I told him it was a stick but he said he will lick the cake off of it!! LOL I am so so happy at how it turned out. Parents took cards with them.....AWESOME job!! THANK YOU so much for not only making the cake beautiful....but making it taste as good as it looked! We had more than enough cake for everyone and people even took some home!!! THANK YOU AGAIN for making Elijah's birthday extra special!!!!!!

Thank you Williams Family and Happy Birthday Elijah!


  1. Awesome cake as usual! This is one of the best Sponge Bob cakes I have seen on the web so far!

  2. Thanks, Maria!!! That's truly a compliment coming from you!!!