Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wedding Cake of the Century!

So many of you spent your Friday morning glued to the TV watching a real life fairytale wedding take place.  I was right there with you!

There are no words to describe this wedding!  It truly was a fairytale wedding!  William & Kate seemed to come right out of a storybook!

The bride was absolutely stunning!

There was only one thing in that wedding that was more beautiful than the bride and that AH-mazing dress desgined by Alexander McQueen!

I mean... dressES!


I couldn't wait to see what amazing cake the wedding of the century would have!

The cake was made by Fiona Cairns.

She began by baking out of her home, believe it or not, and has been decorating for 25 years!

The cake and sugar flowers took 5 weeks to make!  The cake was 8 tiers high and there were up to 900 sugar-paste flowers and 17 different types of flowers!  So you know Mrs. Cairns and her team had to get started early!

Apparently, Kate Middleton had the whole detailed design of what she wanted her cake to entail - down to what each type of flower meant to her and William!

It even had their new monogram or cipher on the third tier.

The string work and detail on this cake is absolutely amazing.

It's truly a cake fit for a prince and princess!

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